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2015 VW Golf R Release Date and Price

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2015 VW Golf R Release Date

2015 VW Golf R is likely to be a new Gold type sporty car. All new VW Golf R future car appears to be improved in exterior and interior designs. The engine changes too, if compared to the former series. This VW Golf R has blacked out trim and metallic finish instrument cluster, unlike any other Golf cars.

2015 VW Golf R Engine

New VW Golf R that is expected to launch in 2014 uses 2.0 liter TFSI-engine. And why the engineers pick this one? We’ve heard enough, that this typical engine can ultimately support high-performance and extraordinary power for VW Golf R, because VW Golf R is a medium-sized car. The 2.0-liter TFSI engine develops 256 horsepower up to 300 horsepower. It is huge! That power is honestly beyond my expectation, what about you? And because this is expected to be a speedy car, this all new 2015 VW Golf R will be equipped with 6-speed manual transmission and powered with dual-clutch automatic optional transmission.

2015 VW Golf R Prototype

New VW Golf R prototype has lighter whole body. Manufacturer said that this VW Golf R prototype has decreased 200 pounds off from the former body weight. Some important changes in the car make this car lighter as it claimed to be. They replaced the old roof with a new designed-roof: carbon fiber roof. Much lighter. 2015 VW Golf R car has improved exterior and interior designs, which I will explain as below.

In the exterior, you can see that VW Golf R has LED taillights, 18-inch wheels, 4 exhaust pipes. Furthermore, the body is also being changed. The front line lifted. I suspect this to make this car look more furious. In the interior you can find new metallic finish instrument cluster that is also completed with blacked out trim. The combination of those two make it look sportier. Seats are improved as well. Camel colored leather covers the new seats.

All new 2015 VW Golf R is a very powerful and luxurious car because it’s 4-wheel drive. Reduced weight and the catchy sporty design make this car look outstanding. Beside of that, carbon fiber roof really improve this car, make it move to the next up level. This car will be released to the market with deep-high price, not cheap at all. The prototype itself costs $33,900.

2015 VW Golf R: Bottomline

2015 VW Golf R has new 4 sporty exhaust pipes, powered by powerful and economical fuel engine. This car also looks greater with some important changes in interior and exterior designs, much better than the former version.

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