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2015 VW CC Release Date And Price

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2015 Volkswagen CC Release Date

2015 VW CC would certainly be one of the biggest competitors for other car sedans that are planned to be released in 2015. And why is that? Simply because we believe this Passat CC (this new VW CC is known as this term too) would be targeted to be a speedy sedan plus a luxurious one. The Volkswagen new prototype has some qualified improvements and features. It will definitely impress the public.

2015 VW CC Components

If you are asking me about the components of VW CC, I will definitely say that it is quite easy to expect what inside this new sedan, because it is a luxury one. 2015 VW CC is a mid-size body sedan.

There are three engine options used in this luxury coupe sedan 2015 VW, the ones that customers are available to choose freely.

1st Engine Option: 1.4-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine. This petrol engine would be able to produce up to 120 horsepower. Just great!
2nd Engine Option: 1.4-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine
3rd Engine Option: electric hybrid engine (plug-in)

Additionally, this new VW CC comes along with system options of base drive

1st Base Drive Option: 4Motion all-wheel drive system
2nd Base Drive Option: Front-wheel drive system

The front-wheel drive system is swifter. The car would be very smooth to drive because of this.
But in riding speedy car, you do not just need the smoothness, but also toughness and durability. And both of them are provided by the 4Motion all-wheel driving system. This system will make you can drive in any road condition.

2015 VW CC Body Design

New 2015 VW CC has come with some improvements in the body design, both in exterior and interior design. New VW CC has the lifted face if compared with the previous release version. The 2015 edition of VW CC will come with 4 doors AND new design. This is quite an improvement, considering the previous VW CC only equipped with 2 sporty doors.

VW also extends the body length of this sedan, up to 4,900mm. This makes this new coupe VW CC has much longer whole body. Thus, spacious cabin and also the better leg room are provided by this one. Not only them, you can also find that the tailgate and roof of this sedan are improved. A brand new roofline looks elegant like the car itself. This sedan has the sexier appeal with angled tailgate.

2015 VW CC: At The Bottomline

FYI, the one who developed the new VW CC for 2015 is MQB Platform, a top Germany manufacturer. This future car would fit the best to anyone who admires luxury and also quality. The new VW CC sedan will definitely be worth it to buy, because the components and design reviews are quite awesome. The new body design, engine options, larger whole body and also upgraded engine options will make you favor this 2015 VW CC as much as I do.

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