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2014 Honda CR-V Change and Release Date

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The 2014 Honda CR-V will be released later this year, but more comfortable, larger and advanced, compared to its predecessor.Assuming Honda chooses to equip the 2014 CR-V with the Accord’s Earth Dreams engine, it will be a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that will probably generate around 181 horsepower (compared to 185 with the model-year 2013 version), but with a slightly more torque at around 177 pound-feet (versus 163), which should make the vehicle feel faster from a standing start. 

2014 Honda CR-V pictures

A revamped 2014 Honda CRV could also receive a six-speed automatic transmission, which is already being offered in the 2013 Accord and the crossover’s upscale equivalent at Acura, the RDX. The six-speed would likely shift more smoothly and afford better fuel economy than the 2013 version’s five-speed gearbox. While the Accord also offers a six-speed manual transmission with its four-cylinder engine, we don’t expect there’s enough interest in the marketplace to warrant making the stick shift available on the CR-V.

The changes in the exterior look refer to more aggressive front three-bar grille which joins flowing lines, lower fascias, a smooth front bumper, deep-set headlights and revised taillights. The 2014 Honda CR-V takes on aerodynamic stance with deeper sculpting of the body-lines and a bolder nose section. Vertical rear brake lights, placed in every Honda CR-v up to now, will get even more three-dimensional style in the latest generation. Generally, it will be a complete refreshment of its predecessor. Inside, the 2014 Honda CR-V will be slightly richer and of a higher quality. There will be used modified seats and better materials in the dashboard, and the doors and center console will have a much sleeker look and feel. Furthermore, it will be supplied with plenty of equipment, even the basic models. As we has found out, unofficially, this popular Japanese will be compatible with Siri voice-activated “virtual assistant” function on current-generation Apple iPhone, which will surely attract many iPhone users.

As far as the interior is concerned, it could expect a significant refreshment. Some our general expectation is that interior 2014 Honda CRV will be slightly richer. This primarily refers to the quality of materials in the dashboard and modified seats. Although this year’s CR-V looks very good and has a lot of equipment even in the basic version, but we can expect that 2014 model will have even more abundant equipment. Also unofficially, the new CR-V might have compatibility with Siri voice-activated “virtual assistant” function on current-generation Apple iPhones, which will certainly delight all iPhone users.

When this model comes out on the market in the fall this year, we can expect a slight increase of its price. It will range from $ 23.750 for the LX, $26.750 for EX, and $ 29,750 for the EX-L trim version. At the end, we can say nothing but the best about this great Japanese car, and we are sure it will offer even more to its customers than they have predicted.

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