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2014 Acura NSX Roadster Reviews and Specs

Category: Acura  /  February 20th, 2014   /   by Dylan Smith

The new 2014 Acura NSX Roadster will surely be released sometime in 2014, a year as the coupe is scheduled to start. A few nights ago, a bunch of patent drawings was printed successive Roadster 2014 Acura NSX, although not sufficient drawings. Based on these designs, we’ve got our have account in the case of the long run athletic high Roadster 2014 Acura NSX designed.

As described on top of, the actual 2014 Acura NSX Roadster version can look a lot of the actual car might be viewed within the approaching The Avengers movie be, with all the exception in the roof, in the nutshell, is merely a lot of dynamic and effective. .

Acura NSX Concept came out in its coupe version at the Detroit Auto Show, the Acura NSX Roadster has been revealed thanks to a series of patent drawings brought out by the European patent office on February 22, 2012. As you can see these drawings, the Roadster version will look very much like the car that will be featured in the upcoming Avengers movie .

2014 ACURA nsx roadster

If the NSX Roadster sees a production line in its future then it will be the same type of sporty model as the coupe version with an aggressive design language and up-to-date technology. This means that the next NSX Roadster will be feature Acura’s innovative Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system that combines a unique 2 Electric Motor Drive Unit with a bilateral torque adjustable control system, allowing the car to instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering.

2014 Acura NSX Roadster Specs

  • Engine Capacity : Direct Injected 24 Valves
  • Body : Coupe Sporty
  • Power: 400 Hp
  • Transmission : Six speed automatic
  • Seating: 2
  • Top Speed : 217 Mph
  • Accelerate : 3.0 seconds
  • Fuel MPG : 55

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